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By Hair Together Inc., Mar 19 2015 04:52PM

Spring is here and you’ve been thinking about getting a fresh new look to go with your fresh new warm weather outlook. If you don’t want your old style to bring back the winter blues, maybe it’s time to try out a springtime blue of your own! Pastel hues for hair have been a trend for the past few years, and it doesn’t look like they are going away any time soon. This is because quite a few of them are rather flattering to many skin complexions. Have you noticed that while your best friend may look her best while wearing clothes that are fiery red or emerald green, that you always seem to dazzle the crowds when wearing your softest pinks, lightest lavenders and baby blues? This may be a good indication that a pastel hair color will very well compliment your skin tone as well as add a bright touch your overall style.

If you like your hair color best when it’s dark auburn or deep chestnut brown, you may not be the right candidate for a pastel hue, but if you like your hair best when it’s light, a cotton candy pink may be just the pick-me-up you were looking for. Choosing such a daring hue can often start out as an act of rebellion or a bold fashion statement, as with Kelly Osborne, Gwen Stefani, Pink, or Katy Perry, but so many that have tried it have liked their new color enough to keep it for the long haul. If the color you initially choose is on the brighter or more saturated end, you will have a ball with all the heads you turn when entering a room. And although you will surely love to stand out from the crowd, you may eventually choose to soften the color a bit for a more every-day casual chic look.

If you dream of rocking pink or lavender hair, but just aren’t sure if you are ready for such a dramatic ‘do, choose a more conservative cut to balance out the drama that the hair color brings to the table. Or you

may want to start out by adding the color a little at a time with an ombre effect. Remember, if you take

good care of your tresses, they will take good care of you. You can always dye your hair a completely different color as your style evolves. So, what color is right for you?

To make an appointment or speak to a stylist about changing your hair color, call Hair Together Salon in Northport at 631-754-0820.

By Hair Together Inc., Jan 23 2015 12:40AM

Nobody knows how to “do” your hair better than you – most of the time. Even though you may be the only one who knows how to manage that pesky cowlick, or which side holds a better curl, a professional hair stylist will be able to style your hair in ways that you never thought possible – all with holding power! When preparing for your wedding, we know that you have lots to accomplish before the big day, but scheduling a hair trial should be somewhere near the top of your list. A trial should only cost a portion of the price of your ‘do on the big day, so this isn’t the best place to try to curb costs.

Follow these tips to ensure that you love your HAIR all day long:

1. Make sure that you use a reputable stylist – asking friends and family for recommendations will always prove positive.

2. Bring a picture of the type of style you hope to achieve – your stylist will be able to tell you if your hair will hold the style well, if your hair is long enough to accomplish the look, and discuss how to make it all happen.

3. Bring a picture of your dress and headpiece to your appointment – your fashion will be a good indicator of the type of style that will be the perfect complement, whether it’s an updo, a partial updo, fancy, or bohemian chic… Your headpiece will also be a great indicator of the style that’s right for your big day.

4. When arriving at the salon on the day of your wedding, make sure that your hair is clean and dry. You can even wash it the night before. Hair will generally hold better if it’s not washed within minutes before styling.

5. Don’t try a complicated updo on your own (unless you’ve done it before!). The professionals have access to tons of products and tools to make sure your hair is “picture perfect”.

6. Make sure that your stylist uses hair pins (and finishing spray) to hold your style all day long. A curl may look great when the day is just getting started, but may want to give in to gravity as the day wears on. Professionals know just the right spot to add a pin or two for the perfect placement of your locks that will last from morning until night!

Your makeup is an accessory just like your veil. And although your guests will be talking about your fabulous dress for years to come, they will be looking at your lovely face all day long. And since a picture is worth a thousand words, you want your wedding photos to inspire words like “glowing bride”,” just beautiful”, and “she looked absolutely lovely”! Think about your makeup early on so that your whole style vibe gels as you choose your accessories. Just like your hair, it is important to schedule a trial for your makeup so that you and your makeup artist will be able to make adjustments before the big day.

Follow these tips to ensure that you love your MAKEUP on your wedding day:

1. Bring a picture of the look you want to your trial. Your makeup artist can even tone it down or make it more dramatic, but providing inspiration will leave less room for misinterpretation of your perfect look.

2. Leave plenty of time to have your makeup done on the morning of your wedding. There will be plenty of other obstacles to pop up and cause you to run late. Start your morning bright and early and the rest will fall into place.

3. Make sure that your artist is using hypo allergenic makeup, disposable applicators, and sterile brushes when applying your makeup. This is no time to have a skin reaction!

4. If you want to wear false lashes for the first time, make sure your artist applies a similar product at the time of your consultation or trial. Some people have a negative experience with the adhesive and you wouldn’t want to ruin the applications that have already been completed.

5. Opt for waterproof formulas on the big day. You will want to look “just primped” for hours and hours – even after crying through the ceremony, greeting hundreds of guests, and dancing the night away.

6. And finally…No matter how glamorous you want to be on the biggest day of your life, you want to look like YOU! This is not the time to experiment with a dramatically bold look if you don’t usually wear makeup. You should look like the best version of yourself, simply accentuated with makeup.

Now that you are fully prepared to look your best on the big day, don’t forget about the rest of your bridal party. Of course the bride should stand out from the rest of the party, but their look should coordinate with a softer version. If you can swing it, make appointments for your party to have their hair and makeup done too – what better way to spend the morning of your special day than with the ones that are dearest to you?

To set up a bridal hair and/or makeup consultation, call Hair Together in Northport at 631-754-0820.

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