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What Is Balayage...And What Makes It So Special?

By Hair Together Inc., Jul 6 2015 07:57PM

Balayage is Here and it’s Here to Stay...

The technique itself is actually not new, just new to us here in the US. Balayage was developed back in the 70’s in France, but it’s now one of the most popular hair color requests in American salons today because it seamlessly creates depth and dimension, and leaves you with a sun-kissed finish…like how our hair looked by the end of the summer as children - with soft highlights and less noticeable regrowth.

The Technique Itself is a Work of Art…

Balayage is a French word meaning to sweep or to paint, and that’s exactly how the highlights are applied…swept onto the surface of each section. Color is not saturated through the section until the very tips, creating a soft and natural look that will so compliment your summer glow.

Balayage is ombre’s biggest competitor these days. The bold ombre highlight look, made main stream by the Kardashians, is still quite popular but since the more natural effect of balayage has taken the red carpet and fashion runways by storm, the color technique is now bypassing the more dramatic look of its sister process. And as opposed to ombre, balayage allows highlights to be painted on in the just the right places. More dramatic highlights that perfectly frame your face, or even the new splashlights technique, where color is only painted onto the middle of the strand.

It Really Lasts…

The painter’s style of color application allows for a personalized look that suits you to a tee. A variety of colors can be used for a super au natural look, or a look that matches the bolder you, and it can last for a longer period of time between appointments since there is no definitive line of demarcation. It may look like you were born with such beautiful highlights, but remember to protect it as you would any other hair color by using a color protecting shampoo and conditioner, and a heat protecting serum when heat styling.

Don’t be fooled by the easy look of balayage – it’s not an easy technique to master. It takes training, skill and practice, so make sure you visit to a reputable salon and that your colorist has the right training.

Want to try balayage? Make an appointment with specialist Lynn today at Hair Together 631-754-0820.

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