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Making Waves Without Going To The Beach

By Hair Together Inc., May 14 2015 05:47PM

Today’s top hairstyles have lots of texture and a little bit of volume, but just because it’s all about making waves this summer, it doesn’t mean you should get rid of your flat iron or anti-frizz serum. There are quite a few ways to get that just off the beach look - some involving the use of a heating element and some au natural – it all depends on how much time you want (or don’t want) to spend on your effortless look and what styling tools you have at your disposal. Here are a few of our favorites…

Curling Iron

The trick to using a curling iron to create loose care-free waves versus curly curls, is to wrap your hair around the barrel without using the clip that traditionally holds your hair in place. There are many tools on the market today that come sans clip so that you don’t have to try working around it. Unlike a traditional wand where you would secure the ends of your hair and curl up towards the hair’s root, start a few inches from your scalp and wrap your way down the barrel. Using a large barrel wand will help create larger waves and avoid tighter curls, as will wrapping/twisting each potion around the wand only once or twice for just the right wavy affect.

Curling Machines

If you just can’t get the hang of the curling iron twist, you may want to try one of the newer products on the market made especially for creating looser waves such as the Infinity Pro by Conair®, or RUSK® Engineering Curl Freak. These styling tools are super easy to use and work well on both long and shorter hair. All you have to do is separate out a section of hair and slide it into the tool’s opening. The device will automatically take the hair and wrap it around the wand inside. When your curl is ready (it will beep), you just release. These tools look tricky but are really a cinch to use.

Flat Iron

If you have finally mastered the flat iron, you know that you can do more than just straighten your hair with one. Flat irons are great for making waves while keeping your tresses frizz-free. As with any heated styling tool, make sure your hair is completely dry before you start. Take one medium sized section of hair (approximately 2”) at a time and use the flat iron to create waves by bending the iron as you go down the length of your strand. Bend the iron under for about 3” and release, then reapply the iron and bend in the opposite direction for the next 3”, and repeat until you reach the ends. Leave the bottom 2” or so unattended for a more natural look.


If you are looking for a way to create a beach tousled look without using a heating element, try sleeping with braids. Make sure that your hair is damp, but not drenched – hair does not typically respond to styling until it is at least 80% dry – and then separate your hair into one or two sections, depending on the amount of hair you have. If you have fine hair, you may want to do only one braid in order to avoid a more crimped look. If you have thick hair, you may want to separate your hair into two sections by parting it right down the middle. All you have to do is braid each section and hit the hay. When you wake, take the braids out and run your fingers through your hair to separate the waves without damaging the effect. You can certainly use elastics at the end of each braid so that it stays put, but try not to use a band at the top of the braid or you will have a distinct indent where the waves start. If your hair is hard to curl and you aren’t opposed to using a little bit of heat, try running a flat iron over the length of each braid about 10 minutes before you plan to take them out. It will help lock in the waves and keep flyaways at bay.


For a super loose style, try putting your hair up in a twisted bun before you go to sleep. Similar to sleeping with braids, make sure that your hair is mostly dry or else you will wake to find that your hair is still wet and that the waves didn’t take. The best part about getting beach waves via the bun is that you can wear a bun to work during your regular 9-5, and let it loose just in time to meet the crew for happy hour. Make sure you carry a few styling products in your bag like Rusk Freezing Spray to lock in body and add a little texture before you hit the town.

Twist Braiding

Another tried and true method of creating that just off the beach look is by twisting small sections of hair around each other into tight little mini-buns. You can just twist two adjacent sections around each other and secure the twisted mound close to your scalp with an elastic so that it stays tight until you are ready to release it. If you prefer, you can use strips of cloth, or even knee socks, to wrap your hair around. Just wrap each section (about 2”) around the sock through to the end, and tie the two ends of the sock into a standard knot so that you can sleep tight without your twists breaking free. To keep the look beachy and carefree, try a texturizing product like Aquage Sea Salt Texturizing spray. It creates a firm hold without the crunch and builds volume, thickness, and adds random texture.

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