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Are Salon Hair Products Really Better than Drugstore Brands?

By Hair Together Inc., Aug 20 2015 06:44PM

All Hair Products are NOT Created Equal

You may have found a drugstore shampoo or conditioner that makes your hair feel silky and smooth, but do you know what it’s really doing to your hair in the long run? Many drugstore brands use similar ingredients to that of the professional brands (or ones that sound similar) but most don’t use the same quality or quantity of these premium elements. They use a small amount in order to boast the positives of such components, but then throw in a bunch of fillers and chemicals to keep the cost low.

Drugstore brands may leave your hair feeling nice and soft for the first few months, but fillers and chemicals can be harsh on your golden locks and will strip your hair of natural oils…essentially and eventually drying out your hair. Fillers can be anything at all that adds quantity to the volume of the product, such as wax and animal fat among other products that leave a build-up on the hair shaft. These fillers may give the feel that your hair is softer when it’s really not. What’s actually happening is that they create a waxy build-up that is preventing your hair from accepting positive ingredients from other salon grade products and eventually leaving your hair dry and damaged.

Worried About the Cost?

If you think that using salon quality hair products will break the bank, you may want to think again. Many drugstore brands use a much larger quantity of water as their main component than do salon quality products, therefore diluting the solution and requiring you to use much more of brand “x” than you would need from the salon choice. Since you’ll need to use much less of the salon brand, the same size bottle should last much longer and make the higher price well worth the additional cost.

And better hair care will save you money in the long run! When your hair is hydrated, healthy, and free of build-up, you will find that your last cut will remain manageable and looking good longer than when your hair is crying out for help (and moisture). You can usually get an additional week or two out of a haircut when your locks are still responding the way they did when you last left the salon.

Of course stylists are trained to know some great blow-drying tricks and use the best brushes, but part of the reason that your hair looks so much better when you visit the salon than when you do it yourself is that you are getting the benefits of salon quality hair products along with your stylists’ artistry and masterful technique.

If you don’t believe us, give the comparison a try!

For more information on Salon Quality Hair Products, or to make an appointment with one of our expert stylists, give Hair Together a call at 631-754-0820 today!

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